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Bohemian Grove Diffusing Oil Inspired by Diptyque®

Bohemian Grove Diffusing Oil Inspired by Diptyque®

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Evoke the essence of a hidden, tranquil grove with our Bohemian Grove Diffusing Oil Blend, a tribute to the classic allure of Diptyque®. Crafted with a poetic blend of Baies, Currants, and Quince, this aromatic elixir is designed to transport your senses to a serene, fruit-enshrouded haven.


The Bohemian Grove Diffusing Oil Blend is an independent product and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved or endorsed by Diptyque®. The mention of Diptyque® is for comparative advertising purposes only to provide a point of reference for the customer to understand the scent profile and character of our Bohemian Grove Diffusing Oil Blend. Our blend is crafted with high-quality ingredients to evoke a unique aromatic experience. Our company, our Affinity Stores, is not affiliated with, connected to, or associated with Diptyque® in any way. The trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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