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Luminara - Inspired by Bergamote 22 By Le Labo

Luminara - Inspired by Bergamote 22 By Le Labo

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Immerse yourself in the ethereal glow of Luminara, a fragrance that captures the first light of dawn in a bottle. Inspired by the delicate interplay of light and citrus in the iconic 

Scent Profile:
Luminara begins with a vibrant burst of bergamot, its zesty and slightly floral notes reminiscent of the morning sun's gentle warmth. This luminous opening is cradled by a heart of soft, green notes, evoking the serene freshness of a new day. 

Copyright Disclaimer:
Bergamote 22 Fragrance is a registered trademark of Le Labo. Affinity Stores is not affiliated with Le Labo in any way. This fragrance is our version of the fragrance used in Le Labo products.

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